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ATI drivers fglrx-8.493 .pet package
« : 09 Июнь 2008, 03:12:04 »
Русская версия темы здесь.

Here comes a .pet for Puppy Linux 3.01 (kernel with the most recent build of ATI drivers  - fglrx - 8.493 (released by ATI on May, 21).

The .pet contains the following:

1. The drivers themselves.
2. Essential OpenGL libs.
3. A standard set of ATI console utilities.
4. glxinfo and glxgears (to benchmark your card)


1. Download and install the .pet (by a single click on its name)
Note: PetGet will complain about a missing dependancy for libfgrx_gamma. Just ignore it.
2. Restart X.
3. Check whether direct accelleration is enabled:
glxinfo | grep direct

Note: Please, do not install the standard .pet with Xorg-OpenGL-7.2 (i.e. Mesa OpenGL) on the top of this package, since it is incompatible with the libs of the current driver release, and thus won't work.

The list of supported chipsets (as follows from the official website):


ATI FireGL™ V8650
ATI FireGL™ V5100
ATI FireGL™ V5000
ATI FireGL™ V8600
ATI FireGL™ V5000
ATI FireGL™ X2-256
ATI FireGL™ V7600
ATI FireGL™ V3600
ATI FireGL™ Z1-128
ATI FireGL™ V7350
ATI FireGL™ V3400
ATI FireGL™ T2-128
ATI FireGL™ V7300
ATI FireGL™ V3300
ATI FireGL™ X1-128
ATI FireGL™ V7200
ATI FireGL™ V3200
ATI FireGL™ X1-256p
ATI FireGL™ V7100
ATI FireGL™ V3100
ATI FireMV™ 2200 (Single card PCI-e configuration)
ATI FireGL™ V5600
ATI FireGL™ X3-256
ATI Mobility™ FireGL™ V5000
ATI FireGL™ V5200
ATI FireGL™ X3
ATI Mobility™ FireGL™ T2

ATI Mobility™

ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ X1800
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ X600
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ X1600
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ X300
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ X1400
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ X200
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ X1300
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ 9800
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ X1200
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ 9600
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ X1100
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ 9550
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ X800
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ 9500
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ X700
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ Xpress 1100 series
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ Xpress 1200 series
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ Xpress 200 series

ATI Radeon:

ATI Radeon™ HD 3800 series
ATI Radeon™ X800 series
ATI Radeon™ HD 3600 series
ATI Radeon™ X700 series
ATI Radeon™ HD 3400 series
ATI Radeon™ Xpress1200 series
ATI Radeon™ HD 3200 series
ATI Radeon™ Xpress 200 series
ATI Radeon™ HD 3100 series
ATI Radeon™ X600 series
ATI Radeon™ HD 2900 series
ATI Radeon™ X550/X300 series
ATI Radeon™ HD 2400 series
ATI Radeon™ 9800 series
ATI Radeon™ HD 2600 series
ATI Radeon™ 9700 series
ATI Radeon™ X1900 series
ATI Radeon™ 9600 series
ATI Radeon™ X1800 series
ATI Radeon™ 9550 series
ATI Radeon™ X1600 series
ATI Radeon™ 9500 series
ATI Radeon™ X1300 series
ATI Radeon™ Xpress 1100 series
ATI Radeon™ X850 series

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